Special winter tread formula for good low temperature slip resistance and grabbing properties
Product Overview

Pattern Characteristic


● The design of zigzag groove not only increases the grip performance of tires on ice and snow pavement,but also reduces the guiding performance of tires.
● The folded line type clean stone block cooperates with the prominent rectangular clean stone block to make the bottom of the pattern trench free of dead angle cleaning effect well,ensure tire clean on the snow road surface.
● Crosswise tread groove makes tire have better grasping performance on ice and snow road surface.

Accepatable Tyre Position


Technical Specifications

Tire Size315/70R22.5
Load index154/150J
Maximum load(kg)Single tire3750
Double tire3350
Corresponding air pressure(kpa)Single tire900
Double tire900
Measurement Wheel rim9.00
Allow using wheel rim9.75
Decorative pattern Depth(mm)15
New tire design size(mm)Section width312
Outer diameter1020

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