Deepen steel sheet design pattern
Product Overview

Pattern Characteristic


● The saturation of the pattern is improved, the ground contact area of the tire is increased, and the mileage of the tire is increased.
● Deepened steel sheet design improves tire heat dissipation performance.
● The trapezoidal groove design improves the mileage of the tire in the middle and late stages, and also has the function of removing stones.
● The design of the deepened steel sheet between the pattern blocks and the shoulder can effectively dissipate the heat inside the tire.
● The narrow S-shaped groove increases the effective use area of the tire.

Accepatable Tyre Position


Technical Specifications

Tire Size12R22.2
Load index152/149
Maximum load(kg)Single tire3550
Double tire3250
Corresponding air pressure(kpa)Single tire930
Double tire930
Measurement Wheel rim9.00
Allow using wheel rim8.25
Decorative pattern Depth(mm)14.5
New tire design size(mm)Section width300
Outer diameter1085

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