How to maintain TBR tyres ?

How to maintain TBR tyres ?

While it's easy to overlook those four patches of TBR tyres, performing a few simple checks can yield better fuel economy and improved vehicle handling. Since most tire damage and wear is a result of driving on tires that are improperly inflated, tire experts suggest checking your air pressure once a month.

Every year, or about 25,000 km, get a wheel alignment to avoid uneven tread wear. Daily impacts such as potholes and railroad crossings, over time, can easily knock your vehicle’s tires out of whack.

Having unbalanced tires can lead to rapid and premature tire tread wear. You should have your tires balanced every time you change or rotate your tires or when you install a new set of wheels.

Tires that are not at the correct air pressure will also increase the rolling resistance (the friction that occurs when an object rolls) of the vehicle. Under-inflated tires, for example, result in increased rolling resistance and therefore require more energy (or fuel) to move the vehicle, which negatively impacts fuel economy. According to the Department of Energy, keeping tires inflated properly improves fuel economy by approximately 3.3 percent. Tires that are over-inflated result in reduced levels of handling performance because less rubber is in contact with the road.

When you’re checking your tire pressure, also visually inspect your tires and be on the lookout for cracks or bulges, objects lodged in the tire, punctures, and uneven tread wear.