About features and advantages of TBR tyres

About features and advantages of TBR tyres

Qingdao Honyun Co.,Ltd.is a Professional TBR tyres manufacturer and supplier in China, We provide high quality TBR tyres to meet various transportation needs. The up-to-date tread compound and internal structure can effectively reduce rolling resistance, achieve high mileage, low fuel consumption and long durability.

TBR is the short name of Truck, Bus and Radial tyres. So it can be seen that TBR tyres are mainly used for truck and bus vehicles.

Sometimes, TBR tires are called commercial tyres, as these tires are often used on commercial vehicles. In addition, the TBR tyre’s structure is all steel wire, which means that they have better loading performance. 

Our TBR tyres not only have different size, such as 11.00R22.5, 12.00R20 and 315/70R22.5 etc., but also meet different road needs according to different models, such as Long Haul tyres,Regional tyres, Urban tyres, Agriculture tyres, OTR tyres, Mixed Service On & Off tyres, Mining tyres,Winter tyres and Economical tyres.